Richard Beaumont Coaching


  • Working from home?
  • Need a quick ‘boost’ consultation or catch-up?
  • Just want more flexibility?
  • Don’t have the time to travel to a venue?
  • Want to continue your coaching whilst on a beach in Barbados (although you shouldn’t!)?

 – then E Coaching might be for you, its like having a coach quite literally in your back pocket!

All you need is access to Wi-Fi, a private place, a lap-top/smart tablet/mobile and we can meet virtually – CyBeau if you like! You can have the benefits of personal coaching but remotely. We can use Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or any other free comparative Apps.

Undertaking coaching in a public space is not recommended due to the often confidential nature of the discussion. In addition, coaching in such spaces is likely to lead to disruption and loss of ‘connection’ between us. You will need access to a strong WiFi signal and bandwidth as visual connection is advisable.

Rather than laboriously keeping a written journal of your experiences between our coaching sessions, I like to use something called ‘Vlog Minute’. Here I ask you to video record yourself on your phone, lap top, tablet etc. for no more than 60 seconds giving me your thoughts after reflecting on our sessions, or on something that has happened to you in between relevant to our coaching. It could be a film of yourself, a short film of the ‘situation’,  a drawing, a piece of music, you singing (I might regret that!), even an emoji – anything that continues the dialogue and gives me more data for when we next meet virtually or in person. I would ask you to limit these to no more than 3 between our sessions.

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