Richard Beaumont Coaching

Making arrangements

It is really important that we both have a good initial agreement as to how we will work together and what we are going to try and address. I can provide a basic contract between us that covers what you might expect when purchasing services of this nature.

Fees are subject to discussion depending on the nature and scope of the co-determined coaching proposal. In this way, fees will be tailored to the specific needs of an individual and organisation.

Additional disbursements might include: travel, room booking, overnight hotel accommodation, related direct costs for any international arrangements (, permits etc.).

Virtual fees – I would charge the same rate for virtual coaching as F2F and a minimum of the equivalent of 30mins. I would consider a retainer fee whereby you might have more immediate access to me dependent on reasonableness and availability.

Payment of fees – I ask for any fees due to be paid through PayPal – this is the safest and most convenient method for both parties. This would require you to set-up a PayPal account. Do let me know if this would cause any particular challenges for you.

Cancellations– Life ‘happens’ so there may be times when you wish to postpone our sessions and I will try and be as flexible as possible. Normally I would ask a minimum of 48hrs cancellation notice or 50% of fees will be retained.

Booking sessions (Face to Face)
I am London based but happy to travel. Session lengths can vary according to the client’s requirements but are generally between 1 and 2 hrs. I can also offer 30 minute ‘check-ins’ once we have developed a working relationship. After any first free session, we would agree a minimum number of future sessions.

Venue (Face to Face)
It is ideal to hold sessions in a neutral space and one free from any distractions, such as a private office or small meeting room. ‘Open’ style offices or open-public places are not suitable for coaching. Ideal spaces are away from co-workers. If necessary, I can arrange for booking a room in a convenient location. Any fees would be added to my rate and would be agreed in advance.

Data Protection
Records will be kept electronically and apart from basic contact details, will be anonymised to ensure your data is protected. As part of any contract I will ask you to sign a suitable data protection agreement.

If you send e-documents/Vlogs to me, I will retain these on a protected and encrypted basis and these will be disposed-of at the end of our contract.

Professional indemnity insurance
I can confirm that I have Professional Indemnity Insurance.

I am not VAT registered so such costs would not be charged.

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