Richard Beaumont Coaching

About me

My Background

I developed my coaching and mentoring skills as a senior leader and manager for over 25 years as an academic in higher education, rising to Faculty Deputy Dean and, prior to that, 10 years in public health protection in Local Government. As a coach I have worked with clients from numerous professions and at varying stages of their careers. I am passionate in supporting those who may be addressing challenges due to their diverse background and/or gender.

My training and experience

Having been a mentor all my working life, I trained as a coach in 2008 on a course led by Ashridge Consultants for my higher education employer. Following over 12 years in supporting numerous clients, including many women towards senior management as part of the Aurora Programme, I built on my experiences through qualifying as a Certified Executive Coach with the Academy of Executive Coaching. I am a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council which guides my professional standards.

My own Doctorate in Business Administration was based on the development of rewards and incentives within universities to ensure their research was able to contribute to positive impact and change for business, public and civil sector organisations – bringing research to life in society and contributing to societal and economic benefit. I have highly developed analytical and evaluation skills with an eye and ear for detail.

I am a proven successful leader and assured communicator with well-developed social awareness skills and am able to respect the viewpoints of others using non-judgemental and empathetic approaches whilst being positively challenging.

I have led teaching teams to develop online learning packages and student support materials. I am well-versed in facilitation and/or chairing of committees, working groups, conferences, symposia and of planning, designing, organising and evaluating such interventions/experiences.

My coaching style and approach

My style is based on fundamental values of equality, fairness, authenticity and emotional intelligence. As an academic, I am quite evidence-based and analytical and we would work together in partnership to seek to leverage your potential for ‘success’ (however you choose to define that). I use approaches that focus on the many contributory elements of our identity ‘within that moment’ – this shares some similarities with mindfulness but is more purposeful in exploring future work-related options . I am grounded in the reality of practice so I blend this with a ‘Solutions Focused’ approach which aims to channel our creativity by looking towards future solutions rather than the traditional emphasis of evaluating ‘the problem’.

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