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Gaining more

fulfillment in your working life

Supporting the achievement of your vision through purposeful, compassionate, collaborative and authentic coaching in a safe space.

Are you fulfilled in your working life?

My coaching provides a psychologically safe and confidential space to inspire you to make positive change in your work and career – enabling individuals and organisations to aspire to authenticity in their work and reassert the importance of living to their values. Achieving this balance is more likely to lead to greater levels of performance, fulfilment and satisfaction.

High performing, emotionally intelligent leaders lead with personal honesty and integrity. For too long my own leadership style was based on a person I thought I should be – not who I actually am. In learning to embrace my values, I became a better leader. My work with organisations supports the adoption of a culture that allows coaching to be a core part of leadership development – an approach that I truly believe nurtures people to thrive and where leadership is collaborative and supports ideals of social justice and inclusion.

Coaching with me is ideal if you wish to:

  • support cultural change through a coaching approach applied to leadership within organisational development strategies
  • engage with individual leadership development, such as becoming more strategic, or building a higher performing team, or becoming a more effective leader, or further developing an emotional intelligent approach
  • explore future career options and pathways, in the medium to long term – maybe you’ve become a little ‘stuck’ or are not sure which direction to take in your career
  • really examine your full potential – maybe you feel you are being ‘held back’ in some way
  • get a better balance between work and other parts of your life
  • address deep issues of self-confidence and/or feel like an imposter who will be ‘found-out’
  • focus on specific projects at work – help to decide options, actions and how to judge success
  • find ways of dealing with challenging people, as a leader or report-to – particularly useful for those one-to-one ‘difficult’ conversations where you can rehearse an approach or even ‘vent’ your true feelings!

These are just some common areas I have been engaged with – there are many more!

Coaching as a learning experience

Coaching is a partnership where we both learn and develop alongside each other as part of the process, helping to navigate the possible routes to your ideal future. I believe passionately in the value of learning for personal growth, career and life development. I also believe learning should be an enjoyable experience, thus I am told my coaching can be playful and, although with serious intent. I do like to encourage my clients to experiment with creative techniques.

My coaching is particularly relevant for individuals and organisations with a social conscious and interest in sustainability. I coach from middle career leaders to executive level. I have deep knowledge of Higher Education and can help with, to name just a few areas: leadership development (including strategy and policy); building partnership and collaboration between business/public sector and universities (Knowledge Exchange); coaching for management and leadership apprenticeships; support for students; assessing graduate talent for recruiters; development of internal coaching practices; the academic’s skills and competences, etc. I am an associate of the EDelia Group who have a long history of providing coaching and mentoring consultancy and training, including to large educational bodies and teachers up to senior leadership. Our shared passion is the role coaching can play in supporting a collaborative and emotionally mature culture of leadership.

‘Working with Richard was an incredibly valuable experience. Through a series of meetings, Richard helped me gain a clear sense of direction and helped me appreciate the journey I would need to embark on to achieve what I was now working towards.(Associate Professor)

How can coaching help?

Coaching offers more than a useful ‘sounding-board’ to help decide on potential choices, or a ‘barometer’ to place a value on those options. My coaching provides a safe-space allowing opportunity for you to reflect on issues outside of the normal hurly-burly, considering them from different perspectives. I am constantly surprised how this can lead to ‘a-ha’ moments of magic. Coaching is a powerful approach and will lead to desired ‘change’ even if the nature of that change is often not what was initially expected. You can be assured of a safe, empathetic, confidential and respectful experience.

My coaching style and approach

My style is based on fundamental values of equality, fairness, authenticity and emotional intelligence. As an academic, I am quite evidence-based and analytical and we would work together in partnership to seek to leverage your potential for ‘success’ (however you choose to define that). I use approaches that focus on the many contributory elements of our identity ‘within that moment’ – this shares some similarities with mindfulness but is more purposeful in exploring future work-related options . I am grounded in the reality of practice so I blend this with a ‘Solutions Focused’ approach which aims to channel our creativity by looking towards future solutions rather than the traditional emphasis of evaluating ‘the problem’.

Richard’s guidance has contributed a lot to me finding a way forward. He is a great listener and created a comfortable environment in which I was able to speak freely about my concerns and made pertinent questions or comments that helped me make decisions.’ (Marketing Manager)

Interested? Let’s have a chat about your needs. I will always be honest with you about whether I think coaching is the right approach for you at that time. It is also really important that there is the right chemistry between us so I offer a free first session as a taster with no obligation on either of us.

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